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Forum Rules
Number one, simplest rule:

Don't be a dick!

Do not do, what you don't want the others to do to you. Don't be offensive. Don't break the rules. When you are in doubt to do something, just don't.

Now few things which are explicitly disallowed:
Raciscm, Religious Offends, Threats, Harrasment, Terrorism, Causing people to harm themselves, Spam, Any Hacking-Related discussion, Ban Evasion, Obvious Sexual Acts(No Porn of any kind) etc.
With simple words: Whatever you will find in any other forum TOS on the internet.

Usual things that may not get you banned, but you will also not be applauded for:
Posting multiple threads on the same topic.
Bumping threads because of your impatience.
Thread Necromancy. Make sure the thread you are replying to, is still up-to-date or only reply if you got useful information to share.
Posting off-topic things in any other forum than the "General" one.
Very big signatures filling people's screens. Such may be removed without warning.

If in doubt for something, don't do it. Or just ask the administration team.
This rules are subject to change anytime, so check this thread often.

Rules revised on: 12/22/2016

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